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Ritu takes no prisoners in her latest track ‘Swimming’



London, United Kingdom

Credit - thesnapshotpeople/Jack Forseberry

Ritu takes no prisoners in her latest track ‘Swimming’. An instant bell synth drifts listeners off into a sea of sound only to be enhanced by a slick R&B harmony of rich vocals. The bassline carries the song in its subtlety.

‘Swimming’ is one of those songs that you can listen to on repeat during relaxation and during energetic times due to its hypnotic bell synths and varying percussion.

The lyrics hold the narrative of going through a hard time but getting through to the other side when you felt like you couldn’t reach it. An uplifting song with an uplifting message. Ritu speaks of her release, claiming that its creation was “Inspired by a hard breakup the song will hopefully give people in the same position some hope.”

The London-born artist is surely one to keep an eye out for across the coming months after this simply splendid release.



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