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Time Of My Life

Blackpool, United Kingdom

Credit - Deborah Lea

On Friday Blackpool based artist Rob Lea released his latest track 'Time Of My Life' amidst the exitement of his US tour! The song brings a playful indie-rock instrumentation and combines it with a carefree lyrical performance. Need a song to sing along to? Then look no further than 'Time Of My Life' by Rob Lea.

Rob Lea shares his inspiration behind the new track, “This song is very personal to me. I’m one of those people that will not stop. I am determined to create a better life for myself, my kids and my family. And even through the endless struggle and rejection life throws at you, I carry on, because I know in my heart I can die a happy man knowing I’ve give it my all. That said, as I’ve grown I also see more and more how fleeting time is. So I try harder and harder to give myself that time to enjoy life. But boy, am I gonna party when I can’t hack it anymore.” That is quite a statement so let's get into this review then!

I got instant George Ezra vibes from the go! The acoustic guitar strums, the careless yet fun lyrics and the bassline. As the song develops any thoughts of Ezra vanish and you can completely hear who Rob Lea is as an artist. I think that this song has the potential to become a massive hit! The lyrics are easy to grasp and seriously effective - they get embedded within your mind without any conscious attempt.

I love that the song has a stripped down acoustic feel to it but completely brings an electric energy in the chorus! This has made the first spot in our Ones2Watch this week! A wicked production from start to finish! - TAMARA JENNA

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