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Robbie Rapids' 'In Our House': A Thrilling Fusion of Indie Synth and New Wave Rock that Evolves

‘In Our House’ is a single from new wave rocker, Robbie Rapids. It’s a song that fuses the ideas and tones of modern indie synth with the textures of 90s and 00s rock. In the flow of the song comes this pounding from the drums. Initially, it is met with subtle guitar splashes and bass lines that work to get the ball rolling. The vocalist steps in from the sidelines and keeps a cool head as the words begin to free themselves from his lips. Once that ball is rolling, however, there is no slowing it. The song ramps up in every way as it plays on. The volume rises, as does the pace. The bass is rocking now, the guitars have flipped their tone and now fight back the percussion. The vocals have leapt over the sound and are up in your face. They charter the song through perilous waters and come to the shore of indie rock with a solo for an anchor and a chorus for a bow.

Robbie Rapids has nailed it here. His flavour of evolving rock works to rile you up alongside his already wonderful tones. Before you know it, you’re shouting the words and swishing your hair with the rise and fall of the melody. This is no simple rock song, it is a story that grows with you … and it is fascinating.



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