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ROKITA - Cranial Euphoria


Cranial Euphoria

Frankenmuth, United States

A great instrumental with a great message never fails to lift a sunken spirit. Add to that instrumental a vocal that is pushing that positivity and musicality to the top and you get a sound akin to Rokita’s ‘Cranial Euphoria.’ It's a single that boasts violin, guitar, and vocals, all performing in tandem with one another. The violin is smooth, sharp. It cuts through the song like a glass knife, subtle and beautiful yet extremely efficient. The guitar lays down thick chords, hearty melodies. When the time is right it pulls back and unleashes a whirlwind of a guitar solo that sings directly to your soul. Then there’s the vocals, the conductor of it all. The sounds swim around them as they push to the surface — when they get there a great stream of colour bursts forth. A sound that is utterly heartening.

‘Cranial Euphoria’ does what it says on the tin. It brightens your day, lightens your heart and clears the skies. A song for the best of times and the worst of times. A rock song, through and through.



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