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ROXY RAWSON - Running Up That Hill (Cover) - SINGLE REVIEW


Running Up That Hill (Cover)

Berlin, Germany

Credit - Anika Zacchow

I’m sure that you have heard of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ whether it was at the time of release or through the viral nature of its feature in the Netflix hit ‘Stranger Things’.

Roxy Rawson, Berlin Based musical multi-talent has brought us her interpretation of the classic! Using ethereal synths and haunting vocals Rawson has managed to entice listeners into her uniqueness somewhere between heaven and earth. Listeners can also enjoy a video that portrays hopeful empowerment through the tranquillity and depth of the artists’ faith.

Taking a highly spiritual approach to this interpretation of ‘Running Up That Hill’, Rawson brings a sense of philosophical debate and acknowledgement through both the audio and visual contributions.

A very hypnotic opening lures listeners into the song immediately as heavily reverbed instrumentation find themselves joined by the variety of velocity within the vocal performance. This rendition is haunting and hypnotic. The vocal range is something to be proud of, and the way that the vocals alone have the ability to captivate any listener completely independent of any instrumentation is something to highlight. There is one artist in particular that the artistry of Rawson brings to light. – Sia. From the choppiness of the instrumentation to the long spaces in between transitions to the long and reverbed vocal scales.

This is a great release, I have every reason to include it in our ones2watch, and I will be watching!

I can’t wait to hear more!


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