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Ruby Nixxons' Latest Hit 'Midnight Candy': A Nostalgic Return to Classic Rock

Cover art for Ruby Nixxons' 'Midnight Candy'
Cover art for Ruby Nixxons' 'Midnight Candy'

Ruby Nixxons' 'Midnight Candy': Reviving Classic Rock Vibes

Promotional image of the Ruby Nixxons
Promotional image of the Ruby Nixxons

Glaswegian rockers, The Ruby Nixxons have released their fourth single, 'Midnight Candy'. The band, consisting of Dan Briody (lead vocals/bass), Gordon Chalmers (drums), and Steve Mosley (guitars/vocals), brings a fresh take on classic 70s and 80s rock.

The musical journey of 'Midnight Candy' began its venture at Riverside Studios, Falkirk, Scotland where the group jumped head first into the lyrical exploration of the complexities of parasitical relationships.

The Ruby Nixxons having played in various bands reunited in their 50s to rekindle their love for rock. Since reuniting, they have played across Central Scotland and featured on Bishop FM Radio.

So, what can you expect from 'Midnight Candy'? A clear rock and roll opening full of cinematic guitar strums, sliding riffs, and blues influence. The guitar layers make everything sound a little more fuller, more infectious, and more classic. With guitar picking similar to Guns and Roses Classics and a surprise metal solo towards the end there's something for all classic rock lovers. The drumming arrangements carry the riffs through along with enhancing basslines. Perfectly arranged, layered, and mixed.

This isn't a band who are amateur, they're a clear contender in the revival of Classic Rock. Their years of experience show in 'Midnight Candy' and there's plenty more to come from the band in the near future, I can feel it in my bones!

A great listen with so much more to gain every time you hit play, 'Midnight Candy' by the Ruby Nixxons will have you feeling nostalgic with its revival of the classic rock era that is infused with modern sensibilities. The band's commitment to their roots and their ability to evolve musically makes this single a must-listen for rock enthusiasts.

Genre: Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Glam Rock

Mood: Nostalgic, Passionate, Intense

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