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RUBY TOPAZ - Rabbit Hole


Rabbit Hole

Providence, Rhode Island, United States

The influence of rock from the 60s and onwards cannot be understated. Those albums, those bands, formed the crucible where our modern musical tendencies were forged. There is a clear sound difference between all music before and then all music after, it is a font of ideas and inspiration. When bands look to hone their sound or push into new avenues of creative expression, the rock of the 60s and 70s is where many go to sew their ideas. With that in mind, you will be pleased to know that Ruby Topaz’s latest album, ‘Rabbit Hole,’ certainly went to this bountiful font for inspiration. In this instance it goes deeper, however; you can tell that the musicians love this music to the core. That they love each and every aspect of it. So from ‘Dream Running’ to ‘Save Me’ you can pick out little frills, added flares and passionate additions that really speak to the heart and soul of classic rock. ‘Rabbit Hole’ is a powerful and eclectic reminder that the passion of the old rock, still burns today.

Starting with the title track, ‘Rabbit Hole,’ we begin a descent into rock and roll oblivion with crashing cymbals played with reckless abandon, yet still, there is a tight rhythm, a pure tonal skill to the drum playing. The guitars are bright, there are sitar melodies that dart and collide with the glassy vocal. It shoots up in a stream of parma violet, sending flavour and colour spewing into the world. It has that late Beatles psychedelic flare. A passion for fashion. A true heart and soul. And it just gets better…

‘Dream Running’ hits that synth tone, bringing the focus to the 80s. But the classic vibe is still there. Van Halen vibes with those powerful vocals. Chills streak down your spine, leaving trails like a Tron bike. A fantastical instrumental. ‘You’re Still Running’ pushes all the way up to the late 80s and into the 90s. A sound that bites like Aerosmith and grooves like ACDC. It's got a swing, it's got a hook and by Jove is it a rocking tune. The chorus explodes, the face-melting solo is one of many fantastic examples of the melodic genius of Ruby Topaz. The pace never slows, not even for a beat.

‘D’s Song (I’m Falling In Love Again)’ moves into Rush territory. The high vocals and the hearty beat clash over the guitar to weave constellations of melody in the night sky. ‘Be My Love’ brings the upbeat warmth of Norwegian Wood into a rockier setting. It pushes, it pulls, but at the core, it is a heartwarming song powered by love.

I could write a thesis on the connections of ‘Rabbit Hole’ to the great sounds of rock history. I could speak for hours on the musical nuances that Ruby Topaz have used to create emphasis, hooks that grip, harmonies that climb higher than redwoods and drum patterns that feel new, yet familiar. With so many songs on the album, and all of them being so different, so profound and uplifting, I implore each and every one of you to listen to this album in full. Get lost in the dreamland.

‘Rabbit Hole’ from Ruby Topaz is a typhoon of creativity and musical prowess. Each track adds a tile to a mosaic of classic rock sound. A summary of the best sounds ever to be made, all in one place.



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