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Rusty Reid's 'American Villain' Shakes the Rock World: A Single That's More Than Just Music!

Cover Art for 'American Villain': The cover art for Rusty Reid's 'American Villain'
Cover Art for 'American Villain': The cover art for Rusty Reid's 'American Villain'

Discover Rusty Reid's 'American Villain,' a politically charged rock masterpiece that balances fiery vocals with a message that resonates, proving that melody and meaning can coexist powerfully.

Rusty Reid has poured their immense rock talent into their latest single, ‘American Villain,’ with a passion and a purpose. The song rides on a pretty late 90s rock vibe, it’s got some low bass to dig it, some drums to kick it, and a guitar to flow between the gaps. What really keeps you in for the long haul though are those vocals. Gee! They’re thick and vibrant, shimmering between notes and climbing high enough to plummet back down to the harmonies. There is a fire in them, burning so hot that you can quite easily be lost in the flames, but Rusty Reid knows better. There is control, a very decided push for when the lyrics are at the forefront and for when the music takes over, leading to an incredibly balanced rock track.

‘American Villain’ is a politically charged song, and it plays with this aspect of its character very well. There is an outset, there is an aim, and there are opinions floating at the surface of the lyrics. What many bands do when they are trying to get their side across, when they are trying to be a voice of change, is sacrifice the melody. It ruins the whole deal. Now, instead of thinking about their point, their angle, I’m just thinking: man, that song whacked. Rusty Reid plays it smart though. The lyrics flow with a melodic glee, they weave in and out of sections with speed and vibrancy, all the while shedding their thoughts and agendas like beams of light. You bask in them, for the sake of the melody.

The single is a belter. The whole combination of a rock song with a cause played with passion and mastered to perfection will never fail to catch the ear. Rusty Reid has shown once again that there is a space for politically charged rock in the music world. Only problem for you writing some at the minute is that it has to compete with ‘American Villain,’ and that’s a one-sided battle — it’s just too good.

Genre: Rock, Late 90s Rock

Mood: Passionate, Reflective, Energetic, Provocative

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