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Rusty Reid's 'Corner of My Mind': A Soulful Journey Through Love and Loss

Rusty Reid will blow you away with stellar blues and country tones. ‘Corner of My Mind’ is a track that moves at its own pace and begs you to do the same. I say: take up the offer, slow down and listen to what Rusty Reid has to say.

The guitar opens us up and instantly you swoon. It's buttery smooth, caramel thick. Blues blues blues. The bass sits in the back picking corn and the drums wash over us as the song goes by. The vocals sit beside us on a rocking bench as we watch a storm roll in over the hills. You can taste the country, smell the time of day in the air — so you sit back and listen to a tale of love and loss. It takes you on a journey, scored by illustrious harmonies. You fall in love with the sound and are sad to see it go. The magic of today, however, means you can stick ‘Corner of My Mind’ on repeat and never be without the dulcet tones of Rusty Reid.



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