#Ruto expresses his skills as a multi-instrumentalist in new album #PanDulce




Los Angeles, United States


Credit - No.1





Los Angeles based Oscar A. Bautista aka #Ruto is a true multi-intrumentalist. Working together with other LA creatives #Ruto has managed to pull off a spectacular 10-track album entitled #PanDulce. This project explores the world of a multitude of genres from somber melodies to anthemic ballads of dream pop, bedroom pop, indie rock, and soul. #NoRepeats is a gorgeously intricate piece that combines dream pop with soul and rock to create something that crosses the borders of boredom and into a wonderland of musical expression. #FineTuned opens with a baseline that raises in volume in line with the progression of synths. This experimental piece offers something slightly offbeat but no less intriguing. There are many layers in this track from futuristic synths to classic rock compositions which morph together to create an urgent and busy production. #ShallowThought brings something new, combining funk with hip-hop drums and busy synths. #AnotherTry has a classic EDM house kick that keeps the rhythm here in a choppy production. What stands out here is the vocal performance style against the productive elements. They mix choppiness with long reverbed vocals to create a sound that I've never heard before. #EveryStep slows the tempo down with dreamy guitar before adding jazz-inspired synths and a soul-rock vocal performance. The track lifts very quickly and very loudly before quieting down again in the verses. #SiLoSientes has a real nice vibe. The drums are steady and fit beautifully with the bell synth melody. The vocals contain a lot of reverb to provide a shoegaze feel. #GoAlone takes a step back into a heavier rock feel. This track is my favorite so far on this project - I love the way that the mix allows for small breaks from the madness that make room for something more dreamy, less busy but even more powerful! This is a great way to provide contrast and to highlight the two divisions within the piece. #TodoLoQueHago incorporates Hispanic guitar plucks with uniquely crafted synths and conflicting drums. The track has a beautifully unique feel and offers something new to the project. #MundosEntreMundos has an old-school RnB/Soul vibe in its opening before completely merging the world of rock and soul. Concluding the project is a track named #Commentario. Here we hear a neo-soul production slowly lift into the world of dream-pop/shoegaze. This piece is a great end to the album. It feels like a conclusion. In the 10 tracks of #PanDulce, #Ruto has showcased his unique blur of genres in a way that is truly unique and rememberable. I won't be forgetting this artist in a hurry - especially seeing as he played EVERYTHING on EVERY track here.