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Milwaukee, United States

Rye Catchers return to catch our attention over at TJPL NEWS yet again with their latest release ’Sometimes’.

'Sometimes' is a track that will have you vibing along with its electropop notes and bassline. The song features vocals from Spanish artist Nekane and blends digital and analogue instrumentation to create the distinctive sound that has been produced by David McClintick Roberts, 'Sometimes'.

The funky bassline and piercing electric guitar captured my attention right away but the most interesting thing about this production is the way that pop and rock meet. The drumming pattern leans towards pop rock whereas the melodic elements are a mix between funk, electronic synths and sweet pop vocals. I love hearing so many genre influences within one song. Rye Catchers have produced something uniquely special here - something that I haven't heard before.

Each time I hear a new release from Rye Catchers I become more and more impressed by the quality of their creations and the way that they collaborate effortlessly with other artists without losing the sound that is distinctly theirs. - TAMARA JENNA

This is a track that will impress a variety of pop lovers for its distinct individuality. So, make sure that you click the button below to hear it for yourselves. What do you think?


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