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Never Forget

Bridgeport, United States

The song – destined for big things, the lyrics – truly remarkable – the message – golden. The rawness of unprocessed and raw acoustics ensures that every part of Noelle’s soul is being shone upon and rightly so! Absolutely phenomenal. - TAMARA JENNA

Saige Noelle brings us some magic just in time for Christmas this year. Bringing her vocalist and songwriting skills to the forefront of her artistry, ‘Never Forget’ holds the beacon for those who don’t talk about their feelings. Offering listeners an insightful message that will leave them looking inside themselves for love, Noelle touches upon experiences of racial discrimination and hardships that lead to her struggles with anxiety and depression.

Making it clear that no matter how alone your mind tells you that you are, there are always others who feel the same way even if they’re not surrounding you, this Contemporary R&B/Soul/Pop fusion of a track will offer everybody a mental place of safety.

Touching acoustic keys from the off, this song sets itself up for a whole lot of emotion. As the vocals begin to sing their tune, there’s no doubt that this is a song that is made of greatness. Emotional, moving, gorgeous. The vocals are deeply rooted in gospel soul with a pop twist.

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