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Montgomery, United States

Credit - Adam Gambrel

Samuel Joseph Walker AKA Samuel tha Kid is a rising rap artist who has a lot to speak of through his music. Praising Alabama as his home, Samuel tha Kid takes his roots and combines them with influences and ideas that come from many decades of Hip-Hop history.

After having taken a small hiatus after his 2020 mixtape release "KUDZU", Samuel tha Kid rises from the ashes with more fight than ever before. Working once more with longtime collaborator, JOIE GREY fans of rap are sure to be impressed by the comeback that this artist brings to the table (or ears) of listeners.

"MAGIC CITY INDUCED POETRY" is a three-song EP that was released on September 23rd.

The concept behind the tracks has been thoughtfully pieced together so that each song resembles a city that has influenced Samuel tha Kid's life and creativity to date.

Opening the EP is a song called "THE STORM IS COMING". The piece is based on Orlando Magic, Magic Kingdom and Disney World to highlight the highly magical city where the artist currently lives. Taking inspiration from the heartbreak a friend experienced in a bad relationship, this piece creatively takes the essence of their conversation and puts the themes into this piece. The song is such a great opening to the EP. The piece has an old-school R&B feel to it. Smooth piano guides the listener in slowly before introducing the gorgeous tone of R&B vocals. As the piece develops listeners are blown away by the inclusion of trap percussion, sway worthy backing choir vocals and the amazing hard hitting rap ability of Samuel The Kid. One word to sum up "THE STORM IS COMING"? EXCELLENCE.

Next in this magical wonderland is a piece entitled "DAS RIGHT". Here we're taken into the land of Atlanta and more specifically, into the doors of "MAGIC CITY" a very popular strip club in Atlanta.

"DAS RIGHT" is the open expression of the artists' own addictions to vices and temptations. The composition opens with eerie synths that offer something more haunting than the soulful piece before it. Perfectly in contrast to the soulful opening track, "DAS RIGHT" takes a dark turn. The use of more dominance from the trap percussion offers a feel of the streets and when combined with choppy belly synths and autotuned rap flow, this piece smacks listeners in the face with its energy...and I liked it.

When asked about the song Samuel tha Kid stated the following - “We really wanted to make something that people would like and have a good time with, but for those looking for deeper topics, there are references to my personal struggles with vice addiction throughout.”

Closing the EP is a track called "SOUTHERN HEAT". Through this track, the artist pays tribute to what he names as "Birmingham (The City of Magic) Alabama" This dedication to his home town tells a reminiscent story of his own nostalgia. The track features Baby Boy Keith, a Mississippi rapper from Meridian who he met in Birmingham. This gives listeners an insight into who Samuel tha Kid is and where his journey began.

The whole project is one to get familiar with! I would have loved to hear more on the project and can't wait to hear more in the future! Make sure that you hit that button below and get listening!



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