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SANO HILL - Dancer



Galway, Ireland

Sano Hill’s latest single, ‘Dancer,’ is a fantastically complex construction of pop, rock, folk and soul, wrapped up tight with lyrics that speak to the humanity within each and every one of us. It is harmonic, even when there is only one vocal layer, it resonates with the emotions of your conscience. The beat in the back is fluffy and warm, it comforts and brings you closer. When the strings and guitars layer over one another the song starts to sing, it rolls in buttery layers of tone and coats the melody with bliss. The vocals are human; conversational and clear they deliver poetic lyrics that alight on your heartstrings and play dismaying chords that rise and twist, harmonising with the choruses as they play.

‘Dancer’ is a song that exists within all of us. To hear it played on the outside is profound and enlightening. It's a song that keeps melody and hope at its core and the result is a track that you will keep coming back to, if only for that sense of belonging.



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