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Scan It's "Your Grooving Way": A Synthesizer Symphony of the 80s Revived

Cover art for Scan It's single 'Your Grooving Way,' featuring a vibrant and abstract design that echoes the song's synthesizer-driven melody. The artwork is a blend of bright colors and geometric shapes, symbolizing the fusion of 80s influences with modern indie sounds.
Cover art for Scan It's single 'Your Grooving Way'
Scan It Transports Listeners to a Synth-Driven Dreamscape in Latest Single

Synthetic pads of silver and gold. Colour falls down in slim slivers, streaking melodies and mosaics of tone on the floor. Around us a beat is found in the warping clouds, pulsing, writhing, but calm. It begins a mark homeward and we can’t help but follow its warming tones. ‘Your Grooving Way’ is a single by Scan It that thrums with the new. It’s a world of 80s influence that we are summoned into, a world ruled by flow. The song meanders, rather than charges, into its sections. The verse meets the chorus at a junction and there is a natural convergence. Then the bridge seeps in from the sides, rather than us meeting it head-on. Put all these feelings together under a vocal that bounds trance-like overhead, and you are left with a track that is smooth as silk and cool as ice.

Promotional photo of the artist Scan It
Promotional photo of the artist Scan It

Scan It uses modern tones in ‘Your Grooving Way’ to layer us into the sound. Pads and synths and electric beats all swirl about the melody that doesn’t stem from just one instrument. Once the pad takes it, pulling it up, then the melody seems to switch to the bass, diving down and thumping as it does so. The vocal grabs its hand and pulls, keeping things steady and bringing us back full circle. It’s a mesmerising circuit to follow, as the sound evolves as it passes its baton of influence to each instrument in kind. The single feels cohesive, a choir of synth and sound.

‘Your Grooving Way’ is indie to the core. It holds within its flow a positively modern influence, calling on minimalist movements and structures to deliver textures and feelings from the 80s. Without this direction and gatekeeping, the song would be confused, erratic, and err on the side of a jumbled mess. But Scan It knows how to parley with the sound they create, leaving the single honest, suave, and a dream to listen to.

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