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Sean Kennedy's 'Another Life' - A Blend of Pop, Ballads, and Raw Emotion

Powerful, deep and relatable - these are just a few words to describe Sean Kennedy’s new track titled ‘Another Life’.

The song blends pop and ballad styles to construct a lively story from the heart. By taking you through feelings of regret, missed opportunities and the bittersweet end to romantic relationships, Sean explores common dilemmas of ‘right person, wrong time’ or ‘the one that got away’ and how we can get lost in wondering what could have been.

I enjoyed the multiple layers of the song. The delicate vocals and occasional acoustics gave it a stripped back, raw element yet with the addition of pop synth there is also a lively feel to the music. This worked perfectly with Sean’s lyrical hooks and will leave you singing the chorus on repeat!

Check out ‘Another life’ and prepare to be moved by Sean Kennedy’s take on heartbreak and new beginnings.



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