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SEAN PAUL Takes Over Sunday's MADE FESTIVAL 2023 + Performances from General Levy, BOXOUT DJs + More

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Sean Paul @ MADE FESTIVAL 2023 - Credit - Tamara Jenna Productions LTD

Birmingham, England - a city that is rapidly growing in population, popularity and creative proportion, opened its doors for a weekend of mixed genre music this weekend. From Electronic D&B through to Dancehall, there was more than enough to attract a crowd. At the very least, if music isn't your thing, there were plenty of food vendors ready to serve up some sauce...amongst other things.

Food Court by Digbeth Dining Club @ MADE FESTIVAL 2023 - Credit - Tamara Jenna Productions LTD

Lunar Springs, home to the 2023 MADE (Main) Stage offered an array of artists across the weekend including some of the West Midlands up and coming artists showcased on Saturday by Amplify Sounds and Girl Grind to the legends General Levy to Sean Paul headlining on Sunday.

Boxout DJs Takeover @ MADE FESTIVAL 2023 Credit - Tamara Jenna Productions LTD

Boxout performed a series of DJ sets throughout Sunday. Boxout UK, stands as a beacon of opportunity for Black creatives. They have established an environment that inspires growth, provides exposure, and champions diversity. This ethos reverberates through the corridors of Birmingham, amplifying the voices of Black creatives and propelling them onto larger platforms.

Energy was flowing in sync with drinks and all of Digbeth shook from its core providing the vibration in strong decibels straight from the epicentre of this humble yet extravagant city. General Levy took to MADE Stage stunning the crowd with Jungle classics.

MADE FESTIVAL 2023 - Credit - Tamara Jenna Productions LTD

General Levy @ MADE FESTIVAL 2023 - Credit - Tamara Jenna Productions LTD

The Sun was a no show on Sunday, but with Sean Paul heavily anticipated by festival goers "Just Gimme The Light" was hoped for two fold.

The whole area celebrated as Sean Paul and his Crew brought a show full of smoke and ending with confetti. The set list was insane covering all the major hits from across the last two decades. The festival goers, from 18 through to the over 50s celebrated in true Birmingham fashion. Excitable, loving and fun.

The Festival are already looking forward to welcoming you all in 2024 with sign up already open for updates!

And I'll be back in the September Magazine Issue with more in depth information from Backstage but for now, check out our related posts -


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