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Brighton, United Kingdom

This isn't the first time that we have featured SEQUEL FILMS (Formerly known as PINK FILMS) and with good reason too! This artist has an undeniable knack for writing songs that most people can relate to. We previously featured his Debut EP 'From the Top Floor' leaving us with a thirst for more. Well, that wait is over! Iredescent is Sequel Films first single since his Debut EP and I'm about to take you through it!

This single addresses the feelings of anxiety and being an introverted character whilst pinpointing how some overcome it in their day to day life. There's something humbling and relatable about artists who delve into that darkness in order to show hope and light - SEQUEL FILMS is no different.

Inspired by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Matt Corby, and The Maccabees, you can hear a retro dream pop theme throughout the work of SEQUEL FILMS. An immediate dreampop backdrop invites listeners into a relaxed state. This comes in the form of interestingly different drumming patterns and basslines that border on the genre of funk and EDM. There's an instant grasp, a completely all consuming interest in 'Iredescent'. I could listen to this song on loop another ten times.

This is a song that will cushion your sleepless nights playlist and work like hypnsis. Another smashing release from SEQUEL FILMS. - TAMARA JENNA


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