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SHANAY MORANT - Something Could Be Going On - SINGLE REVIEW


Something Could Be Going On

New York, United States

Shanay Morant is an artist from New York, United States whose sound caught my attention last week with her release 'Something Could Be Going On'. Who's ready for some soulful R&B and funk? Well, let's all get familiar with Shanay Morant!

Having only started music in 2020, Shanay Morant has set the bar high with this release, impressing me so much that I've added this track to our Ones2Watch! Taking influence from the likes of Janet/Michael Jackson, Anita Baker, and Pharrell Williams, we hear that timeless mix of pop and R&B within the works of Morant.

With a sound that is reminiscent of the early 00s, 'Something Could Be Going On' brings the persistent kicks of house music and combines them with Neo Soul/Pop keys and a funky yet understated bassline. The arrangement doesn't throw all of these elements into the mix in one go, it's fast but gradually introduced. The vocals come in within the first few bars to capture the attention of the listeners before there is any risk of interest being lost.

Morant's vocals are sweet, soulful and immensely enjoyable. The vocal layers are smooth, full and saucy, and the backing harmonies and ad-libs add a whole new dimension of soul to this piece.

A sprinkle of Michael Jackson's signature sounds ends the production in an interpretation by Morant. A chart-ready, world-dominating track has been discovered here! - TAMARA JENNA


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