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Shane Larmand's "Wave to Glide": A Journey Through Americana, Mental Health and Authenticity

Shane Larmand "Wave to Glide" single cover art
An Emotional Odyssey: Shane Larmand's 'Wave to Glide' Merges Acoustic Americana with a Deep Dive into Mental Health

Alberta-based singer-songwriter Shane Larmand delivers a compelling piece in his latest release, "Wave to Glide." This uptempo acoustic rock piece evokes the spirit of iconic artists Dire Straits, Neil Young, and Wilco. But what really stands out here is the lyrical depth brought to us by the artist.

A Melodic Ride Through California and the Soul

"Wave to Glide" is a song that will take you places—both literally and metaphorically. Lyrically, the piece sings of California, traveling, and the philosophy of going with the flow of life whilst the outro, in particular, lures listeners with its hypnotic blend of repetitive lyrics, voices, and echoes which act to build a crescendo that leaves the listener in a trance-like state.

Music as a Mirror: Reflecting Mental Health Struggles

Shane Larmand is open about his mental health struggles, specifically suffering with OCD. With the view that his music can serve as a form of solace for others facing mental health challenges, the lyrics in "Wave to Glide" along with much of his other works, offer a window into these struggles, making the listening experience deeply personal and relatable.

Shane Larmand "Wave to Glide"

Authenticity and Artistry: A Dual Approach

For this release, Shane Larmand worked closely with recording engineer and drummer Jeff Weeks, with the aim to create music that the artist says is "real, authentic, passionate, and distinctive, yet classic."

Accolades and Recognition

Shane's talent hasn't gone unnoticed. He was the Runner-Up in the Sunrise Records Local Artist Contest in 2018, leading to the distribution of his debut CD, "You Are My Home," across Sunrise Records locations from Vancouver to Winnipeg. His music has been featured on various Indie stations worldwide, and he has shared the stage with other notable Lakeland area songwriters.

So, if you're in the mood for a blend of acoustic Americana, folk-rock, and a touch of psychedelic retro guitar, "Wave to Glide" is a track that promises to be a hit. This is a song that will resonate on multiple levels, making it a compelling addition to the Canadian indie music landscape.

Genre: Acoustic Americana, Folk-Rock, Psychedelic Retro Guitar, Singer-Songwriter, Soft Rock, Adult Orientated Rock (AOR).

Mood: Uptempo, Emotionally Resonant, Introspective, Expansive, Reflective

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