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Shany Bartal's Debut Single 'Ms. Munroe' - A Stellar Blend of Funk, Soul, and Blues

‘Ms. Munroe’ is the debut single from Shany Bartal and my oh my is it a great one. Funk, soul and American smooth blues bleed bright through a filter of big-band textures. The bass in the back is fruity and supple, the brass section brings the grit and leaves the mids and highs open for that guitar to do the dirty work. When the vocal climbs up from behind the curtain, the song begins anew and the stage is set for a stellar track. It’s got the funk of a thousand songs all wrapped into one. There’s just something golden about the sax in the chorus. Yeah, you heard me, sax in the chorus. Who can say no to a song with some stellar chorus blues?

Shany Bartal has got my attention and will no doubt grab yours too. The tones, the melody and the subtle instrumental harmonies all add up, making this one of the strongest debut singles I have heard in a long old time. Bluesy goodness with jazz on the brain. Splendid.



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