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Melbourne, Australia

Sharl’s new track ‘Outside’ touches upon an important message of dark love and having romantic relationships with someone who shows us how toxic they are, yet those strong feelings of love still seem to prevail. - AIMEE STOKES

Sharl’s vocals are perfect for this pop track. Her delivery is clear yet can range from sweet undertones to more powerful and fierce deliveries, which gives her a unique sound as an artist and makes her songs harmonically pleasing.

The soundscape cleverly reflects the song’s message well. The beginning verse introduces us to a slower and softer delivery with small elements of pop synth in the backing track. There then seems to be a sudden transition into a darker and more suspenseful musical choice. It is as though this change in the atmosphere reflects those feelings of suspense and anger we feel in toxic relationships.

‘Outside’ encourages listeners to reflect on their own experiences of toxic relationships and remember times we fall for someone we shouldn’t have. If you’re a pop lover, you won’t fail to let loose to this infectious backing track that hooks you in with its funky synth and beats. Make sure you don’t forget to listen to ‘Outside’!


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