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SHARL - Mirror



Melbourne, Australia

If you want funk, then you got it! The latest release from Sharl, ‘Mirror,’ is a single that is packed full of groove, tasty beats and oh-so-moving melodies. The rhythm starts in the bass, growing there, getting comfortable as it looks to expand. Then the percussion rolls in; thick, hearty, and tonal — it splashes about the track, sending colour this way and that. Synths pop like paint-filled water balloons, the groove is in your face, inescapable. When the vocals hit the whole sound comes together. High and clean they command the instrumental into verses and choruses that will leave you awestruck.

‘Mirror’ needs no further introduction. Stick it on any playlist and it will feel right at home alongside the biggest names in modern pop. Bringing Styles vibes into an indie sound is difficult, but Sharl has managed it. Wonderfully bright, textural, and funky. What’s not to love?


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