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SIDE CHAIN Releases "Megalomaniac": A Heavy Journey into the Mind

Little Rock's Side Chain unveils their first music video with the release of "Megalomaniac," blending heavy and catchy melodies in a wild exploration of ambition and power.


Side Chain, the dynamic rock band from Little Rock, Arkansas, is back with their latest single, "Megalomaniac," released on June 10, 2024. Accompanied by their first-ever music video, this track takes listeners on an intense journey into the mind of a megalomaniac, blending heavy riffs with catchy melodies.

About Side Chain

Formed in 2015, Side Chain consists of Dustin Miller (guitarist), Stephen Shatzer (drummer, producer), James Pennington (vocals), and Nathan Cameron (guitarist). The band originally included bassist John Kyzer, who played a significant role in their early music until his passing in 2018. After a period of mourning, the band welcomed Mike Helmbeck, who helped finish the track "Subterfuge" in honor of Kyzer.

Musical Journey and Evolution

Side Chain's music journey has been marked by a series of compelling releases. Their 2019 single "Anomaly" received acclaim for its radio-friendly yet rocking vibe, featuring Tim Hefton on vocals. In 2024, the band, now streamlined to its core trio of James, Dustin, and Stephen, continued their creative evolution with releases like "Equipoise Delirium" and a piano cover of "Fall On Me."

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About "Megalomaniac"

"Megalomaniac" marks a new chapter for Side Chain, both musically and visually. The track captures the band's signature heavy sound, interwoven with captivating melodies that take listeners on a wild ride through the psyche of a megalomaniac. The accompanying music video enhances the song's narrative, offering a visual feast that complements the track's intensity.

Musical and Lyrical Themes

The song explores themes of ambition, power, and the chaotic beauty of human flaws. Inspired by bands like Genesis, Yes, Saga, and Toto, "Megalomaniac" incorporates progressive rock elements while maintaining a unique character. The band's dynamic synergy and creative vision shine through in this powerful anthem.

Upcoming Plans

With "Megalomaniac" setting the stage, Side Chain is gearing up for more releases and live performances. Fans can expect a mix of new material and classic hits, all delivered with the band's signature energy and intensity.


Side Chain's "Megalomaniac" is a testament to their growth and dedication as artists. This heavy, catchy track invites listeners to explore the depths of ambition and power, making it a must-listen for rock and metal enthusiasts. Don't miss the release and stay tuned for more from Side Chain.



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