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SILVERMOUSE - Tripgnosis



Aguada, Puerto Rico

‘Tripgnosis’ from Silvermouse is an instrumental soundscape that feels labyrinthian. You could get lost in its melodies for hours. Synth wave lives in its centre like Asterion, enclosed on each side by walls made of worldly percussion (bongos and toms and snares all play their part), strobing bass, crunchy tones and massive, raining pads. The effect is enlightening. It grows as the song plays, starting small and unfurling into a maze of endless corners and hallways. And, although daunting, the sound is vivid and full of amusing textures and harmonies. The beats at play here are hyper and fun, keeping the sombre sounds bright and the bright tones moving. The complete show is a work of art, a tapestry of sound that connects to the spiritual self.

Silvermouse obviously has skill. When it comes to instrumental music they are pulling influences from every corner of the globe. I can’t wait to see what comes next, because if it's anything like ‘Tripgnosis,’ then we are in for one helluva ride.


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