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Break My Heart

Los Angeles, United Kingdom

Credit - Pierre Quinton

"Break My Heart" marks the seventh single from LA-based TruckerBomb. The track projects heartfelt lyrics and vocals from Troy Richardson. The lyrics hit deep with their dark and emotive tone. The lyrics talk the listener through the narrator's desire to hold on to a one-sided love that he had never obtained to keep it alive rather than settling for a lesser one in reality.

The vocals are husky and ooze soul rock but the talent does not stop there. The intricacy of the lead guitar solos are electrifying making them a guaranteed take away once you have finished listening to the song! - TAMARA JENNA

The master behind the strings is Peruvian Ursula Lari who also provides the backing vocals.

What makes this track stand out above many that I have heard within a band format is the way that Americana and rock merge together with country influences in a way that creates intrigue within the minds of its listeners.

The single was recorded at Stairway Studios by Fernando Perdomo who has polished the piece to perfection. You can really hear the artistic inspiration through "Break My Heart" due to the way that the vocals have been mixed and mastered. If you want to feel pure emotion in lyrical content, vocal performance and the energy of a band then this is a piece that you definitely need to listen to!



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