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Sunday Slowdown - 17/04/2022

Updated: Apr 18, 2022



Leonardo Barilaro - 100 Days

Credit - Lorenzo De Donno

Opening with a mix of major and minor keys we hear the merging of two contrasting elements to this track. We thought that it resembled some form of conflict within the mind or maybe between two characters if it was part of a film score. As the track develops we hear the mist of darkness join the piece to serenade you with a deeply emotive tornado of classical piano based acoustics. Leonardo Barilaro is a Pianist and aerospace engineer who has recently released his piece titled ‘100 Days’. Stating that the piece is part of his yearlong journey project “Space Piano Music Everyday” this piece celebrates the first one hundred days of the release of new music on all main music digital distribution platforms. Inspired by the concept of trusting the process we really feel the nature of cosmology and cosmic existentialism in this piece.



MonkeyRat - The Child ft. Anna Sofía Skoradal

'The Child' is a track that showcases the talent of many artists. Anna Sofía Skoradal is the featured special guest singer with beautiful soulful vocals on this track. Anna Iachino is the songwriter and vocalist of MonkeyRat who says that her funk influences consist of the likes of James Brown, Prince, and Meshell Ndegeocello. MonkeyRat is a multi-genre band rooted mainly in Funk. The band consists of the multi-talented Arnold Ludvig (bassist/composer), Alain Apaloo (guitarist/singer), Jens Stoklund (drummer), and Anna Iachino (songwriter/vocalist). Influenced by many genres they told us that their influence stems from legends such as Rage Against The Machine, Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder. We loved this track so much that we put it at Number 2 in 'Slowdown Sundays' this week. Click the link below to hear it for yourselves!



Emerging From Solitude

Melbourne, Australia