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London, United Kingdom

Credit - Troy Twumasi (tkartt) & Jono Bond

Coming in at Number 1 this week is a track that shouldn't even need an introduction! #AFUA by London-based #TDOTOSTUDIOS. The title of the piece is a female Ghanaian name meaning “born on Friday” and although this finds itself in our Sunday picks, it is a whole vibe for any day of the week. When discussing the inspiration behind the creation we were told that #TDOTOSTUDIOS wanted to create a sound that encapsulated the beauty of women from the African Diaspora without the need for song lyrics. This is a whole vibe that incorporates afrobeat and catchy guitar rhythms to give listeners the ultimate relaxation vibe.


JENNIFER ALVARADO - By This Time Next Year

Vale, NC, United States

Credit - Jennifer Alvarado

United States-based artist #JenniferAlvarado has recently released her EP entitled Songbird: Part One. After being introduced to this artist we were impressed by the variety of tracks on the project. I decided to select the closing track #ByThisTimeNextYear for our Sunday Slowdown this week. The song has such a relaxing yet uplifting feel to it through the crafting of gentle guitar, steady drums, and soulful vocals. This song reminds me of one artist in particular... and that is... Gabrielle. I really love this track and think that it will be a hit with you lot too so make sure you have a little listen!


DUST CWAINE - 90's Darling

Vancouver, Canada

Credit - Mac Jefferies

Vancouver-based Dust Cwaine brings something relatable to every 90s kid out there. In this relaxing soft rock piece, we hear all about 90s throwbacks from candy cigarettes to Tamagotchi where we get to "rewind" the VCR back to memories of when Blockbusters was an actual place and not just something you watch on the screen! One thing that I loved about this piece is the way that the lyrics delve into what it means to be a 90s kid and as a 90s kid myself I totally got this song! The imagery in the artwork also creates the perfect backdrop that highlights the concept and nostalgia of the theme.



  • JENNIFER ALVARADO - By This Time Next Year

  • DUST CWAINE - 90's Darling


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