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Smoke Spider's 'Electrical Show' - A Fusion of Modern Synth and Classic Rock

‘Electrical Show’ is the latest single from Smoke Spider, and an electrical show it certainly is. The band mix modern synth tones with classic rock vibes and techniques to create a sound space that is wholly new. It’s experimental, industrial. The bass tones are deep, rooted like iron, the mids are sharp and bounce with synthetic bells as the guitars take to the wind and surround you. The vocals are rich, full-bodied. They rise from the ashes of the broken world and sing you an opera you can only bow to. The reach in the chorus is tremendous. Just try and stop the goosebumps in the bridge, I tried, but it’s impossible.

Smoke Spider have sewn together merging worlds of music. The resulting sound is one that is so easy to get lost in. The smoke rises, the rain falls — and throughout it all — the rock blares from the biggest speakers you have ever seen. ‘Electrical Show’ is a formidable song, one that shouldn’t be missed.



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