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SOMBERTRAP - The Distance (between Before And After) - RECENT RELEASE


The Distance (between Before And After)

Halmstad, Sweden

Credit - Lina Salomonsson
Sombertrap's warming, pulsing piano regales us with woe once again in their latest single, ‘The Distance (between Before and After)’, a singleton ballad of distorted wisdom. - FREDDIE MCKEE

The song is instrumental and bleeds for us, it swims in the dark waters that entrench our deepest secrets and peers at us with solemn eyes. The piano is alone in the dark. It never fills the space, it leaves room for your thoughts to flicker in and out of focus as you listen to the cadence and rhythm of Sombertrap’s contemporary play style.

Sombertrap here has shown us how simple songs need to be to connect with our core. Frill on a piano all you like; add strings, horns, woodwind and wanton drums. If it is not distilled, like it is here, it is futile. ‘The Distance (between Before and After)’ is a textbook execution of a classic song done right. It's warm, it takes up the tempo, it tells a story in layers and it crashes down at unexpected moments to leave you off kilter. You come out steaming thinking you’ve been away for years, it was 3 minutes. If you haven’t heard of Sombertrap before, like myself, then you are in for one hell of a treat. Their entire discography is littered with a musical expression that leaves most others in this modern classical niche in the dust. Play on Sombertrap, I’m caught.


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