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Whisper In The Dark

Phoenix, United States

Credit - Ainjiel Shaolee

Sophie and Alex Dorson are two siblings who have worked together to create Sophie Dorson's latest release 'Whisper In The Dark'. The two who reside in Arizona created the piece in London RAK Studios and in Arizona where Alex contruted towards the production.

Speaking of the production, this is a stunning folk rock track that uses strings as its backbone. A sultry staccato pluck rides throughout the verses whereas the introduction of classical strings and guitar strums lift the feel of the song to new heights in the hook. Sophie Dorson's vocals are stunning, uplifting and heartfelt. The lyrics speak of a toxic and manipulative relationship and highlights that those people are never too far away and always ready to use you.

This song just gets better and better as it goes on. I could and will listen to this on repeat many a time. Although there are many components to its production, everything flows so perfectly within the mix.

There isn't a thread that hasn't been woven into place, there isn't anything lacking in this song at all - A testament to Alex Dorson's production. Sophie Dorson has the voice of an angel who makes sure that listeners hold onto her every word. - TAMARA JENNA

I can't wait to hear more, I love that two siblings have worked together to create this. It's special. Make sure that you give it a spin!


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