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SOUL SUTURE - Invincible Feat. David Beretta Owens - LATEST RELEASE


Invincible Feat. David Beretta Owens

Johannesburg, South Africa

Credit - HopePunk Records

Soul Suture returns today with his freshly released collaboration with South African Rocker David Beretta Owens to bring you a song that truly is ‘Invincible’. Soul Suture is the alternative rock brainchild of South African Guitarist and songwriter Vince van der Walt.

Immediate heavy rock meets metal in the opening millisecond highlights this song as one that will resonate with fans of Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin.

A WWE theme song comes to mind when I hear the energy here. Vocals by David Beretta Owens had me reaching out for my guitar and taking a break – it’s just that inspirational.

Huge riffs weave between distortion and groove. Anger and emotional hooks take listeners through a journey of self-belief in a perfectly composed production.

Definitely worth the listen for motivational purposes alone but if you’re looking for some serious riff energy then this is a killer! Hands down one of my favourite songs this week so it's taken a solid spot in our Ones2Watch!



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