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Witch Doctor

Nashville, TN, United States

Jazz-Rock-Funk-Blues-Pop is the best way to describe Sour Taffy’s newest single, ‘Witch Doctor’. That is if you have to put a tag on it, which you don’t. All we really need to know is that it’s one hell of a song. Sour Taffy have woven elements of jazz and funk into a heartier rock sound and it pairs like a fine wine with the vocals that flutter throughout the track. The band sounds young and full of energy and brings a lot of fun into their sound, making it a great deal of fun to listen to in return. I can't recommend Sour Taffy enough, breaking onto the scene, trying something new and absolutely nailing it. Think punky Steely Dan, that’s a keeper for sure no?

Credit - Nathaniel Aberdeen

The song opens up with that jazzy riff that is oh-so-warm. The bass rides alongside with a funky step and the drums rock out with a Bossanova-Esque beat behind it all. The vocals chime in and we are taken away with Sour Taffy to a time that is lost no more, funk rock rules supreme here. The chorus is upbeat, catchy and plays to the band’s strengths, letting the vocals take a deserving centre stage while the instrumental jams out with amazing passion all around you. Listen to ‘Witch Doctor’ by Sour Taffy, you’ll love it, I assure you.

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