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Spy From Moscow Dares to Whisper in the Walls of Opera Grunge

Declan Feenan and Crew Blend Epic Soundscapes with Emotive Lyrics in Their Riveting New Single, Pioneering a New Genre

A Groundbreaking Single

Spy From Moscow, led by solo singer-songwriter Declan Feenan, has unveiled their second single, 'Whispering In The Walls,' from the highly-anticipated forthcoming album. The single explores uncharted territory by marrying opera's grandeur with grunge's raw energy, a style they intriguingly call "Opera Grunge."

From Grief to Art

"Whispering In The Walls" delves into deeply personal territory. Written in the wake of Feenan's father's passing, the song has its roots in grief but blossoms into an expansive emotional and sonic landscape. "How close to Pearl Jam can I get without my wings melting? It's this track," says Feenan.

Eclectic Influences

Feenan's complex musical persona is the result of a rich tapestry of influences ranging from Neil Young and Sun Kil Moon to PJ Harvey and Karate. The amalgamation of these inspirations gives the band's music a multi-dimensional edge, which is particularly evident in their new single.

The Recording Odyssey

The track's drums and bass were recorded in The Attic Sounds in London. However, due to the pandemic, the rest was recorded in a makeshift studio in an industrial lockup in Battersea, London. This adversity seems to have only added depth to the song's layers, capturing a sense of isolation and yearning.

Critical Acclaim

Critics have previously hailed Spy From Moscow's work for its "dark melancholic allure" and "emotive and moving tunes," a sentiment that is bound to persist with their latest release.

The Bigger Picture

This latest single is part of an extensive release plan, culminating in an album drop at Christmas. The project's working title, "Night Music," suggests an atmospheric, introspective journey, inviting listeners to step into the shadows of their own psyche.


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