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Storm Boy Ignites the "Steam in the Room" with a Fiery New Single

Unveiling a post-apocalyptic narrative that fuels the soul and the future
Storm Boy

Exploring the Uncharted Corners of Post-Apocalyptic Love

Storm Boy, an innovative post-hardcore rock 'n' roll band based in Olympia, Washington, is fanning the flames of imagination and soul with their latest release "the Steam in the Room." Set to premiere on YouTube on October 6th, the new track delves into the depths of human connection amid apocalyptic chaos.

Fire, Water, and Steam: A Unique Fusion

Directed by Chas Roberts, the video is more than a collection of dystopian landscapes. It questions the choices we would make in a ruined world: to keep the fire burning until we become a shining beacon, to combine elements and create the life-propelling steam, or to fade into mere existence. The song and video are inspired by the themes in Cormac McCarthy's "The Road," examining the struggle of finding trust and companionship in a world turned asunder.

Storm Boy members in a post-apocalyptic set

An Unstoppable Creative Force

But why venture into such grim territory? Chas Roberts, who's no stranger to exploring post-apocalyptic themes, explains that the track emerged as a challenge to write a love song set against a desolate backdrop. The end result is an anthem that transcends romance, pushing the boundaries of genre and thematic storytelling. Roberts has been involved in similar undertakings before, such as producing the event Get Loweded Gets Apocalyptic back in 2007, showcasing that his interest in post-apocalyptic narratives is longstanding and deeply ingrained.

Crafting The Sound

The song features Chas Roberts on guitar and vocals, Jack Portwood on bass, and Jeremy Anderson on drums. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Scot Michael at Titan Recording Studio. With all these talents combined, "the Steam in the Room" is a sonic masterpiece that is set to make waves in the industry.

Watch, Listen, Experience

Be prepared to watch the premiere on October 6 on YouTube and listen to the track on Bandcamp. The project promises to offer a multi-layered experience that grapples with the complexities of human emotion and survival.


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