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Light Still Shines

Verona, NJ, United States

Studio D’Lux has delivered a new single, ‘Light Still Shines’ which features the vocal talent of Bill Champlin. It's a soulful jam of good times and great vibes. That big band sound comes together in yet another example of why this rocking blues staple genre will never grow old. It's new and fresh even now and ‘Light Still Shines’ is a singing, dancing example of this. It rips through chords, smashing harmonies this way and that. Guitar and bass riff all along the high and low end and cap off the sound, while drums fill out the middle, it's splendid and it's warm and it's a whole lot of fun. What’s not to love?

The riff opens up the song. A bass joins in and an organ rides in. Instantly it's great. The harmony that is created is almost not heard but implied. The vocals play with it as they come in and the song hums with palpable funk. Speaking of vocals, they are dignified and accomplished, their texture cuts through the oomph of bass and piano and hits that soulful Goldilocks zone that makes the song sound even better. The chorus is a bop, through and through and the middle eight/bridge works also as a build to that final mighty chorus.

‘Light Still Shines’ is a cracking song, and also a message. That the age of soul, rock and funk is far from over. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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