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Updated: Jul 20, 2022



THE SULLY BAND - Let's Straighten It Out

San Diego, United States

#TheSullyBand really captured my attention this week with 'Let's Straighten It Out'. The smooth jazz-inspired introduction captured me instantly but the second the vocals come in the whole feel of the track is amplified! The track is rooted in soul and boy can you feel it! The vocals are as smooth and as slick as they come without being overly cheesy. This is a gorgeous piece. If Blue-eyed soul is a bit of you then this is the perfect song for your Sunday playlists! Frontman Robert “Sully” Sullivan - founder/owner of The Sully Entertainment Group and LOFT100 Studios, has won Man of the Year through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s San Diego & Hawaii Region raising a whopping $418,459 towards the fight against blood cancer. This is one hell of a frontman!



Pio Hartnett - Broadway

Clifden, Galway, Ireland

Credit - Zak Higgins

Galway-based #PioHartnett brings a bit of soulful R&B to our Sunday Slowdown this week! Recommended for fans of the likes of Frank Ocean and Matt Corby this recently released single entitled #Broadway contains smooth guitar solos, heartfelt lyrics, and smart vocal harmonies. This is #PioHarnett's third single and we 100% recommend it! The vocals are gorgeous, not typically R&B the vocals offer something almost Tom Grennan in vocal tone but also capture almost a sound of Khalid too. The instrumentation offers something simple that works to allow the intimate feel of the vocals. The backing harmonies are perfect too! One of my favorites this week hands down.



KINGA ANGELYS - Second Chances

Hamburg, Germany

Credit - Ivori Studios

#KingaAngelys from Hamburg, Germany is an artist who has mixed the influences of pop, twee, and dance to make her latest single #SecondChances. This is a piece that implements drums, bass, electric guitar and synthesiser with an intimate Ukulele ending to create the perfect piece for your Sunday Slowdowns. This piece opens with a nice melodic guitar strum to set a jolly and rythmic scene. The vocal layers are great - varied and mixed to perfection. This is a track that is perfect for commercial radio, playlisting and more. Definitely one of my favorites this week! What do you think? Let us know in the poll!



TERRATARA - A Love, Tantalize

Slocan, Canada

#TerraTara brought something refreshing this week with 'A Love, Tantalize' - this is a piece that is quirky yet relaxing and smacks of pure flavour through its use of reggae roots, hints of folk, and super catchy pop! This is definitely one for your playlists! This sultry piece is perfectly sexy yet relaxing and will definitely intrigue you! There are some beautiful harmonies here - a lovely mix of tones and catchy instrumentation. I for one cannot wait to hear more from #TerraTara and it certainly won't be the last time that I hear this track! Make sure that you click the link below to get listening!




Lenox, United States

#ChrisConsidine had me dreaming this Sunday with his latest release #DreamAway. This piece has beautiful acoustic guitar layers that layer bass tones with higher octave compositions that will have you swept away with the steady tide. The vocals are layered beautifully to fill the space of the track and as the track develops we hear the heartbeat of the track through a steady drum beat as the track starts to gain speed. The lyrics are written beautifully - This is a very talented singer/songwriter/guitarist. Make sure that you give this track a spin or two!



PETER GURAL - Best I’ve Ever Had

Haverford, United States

#PeterGural stood out to me this week with his superb new release #BestI'veEverHad. This track has a dreamy feel to it through its relaxing soft rock composition. The guitar is smooth and dreamy and adds a variety of sounds to entice the listener. The bass adds something hidden but integral to the piece and the drums carry the energy! The lyrics are super catchy and the vocal performance is spot on. You'll definitely be singing this peace quite quickly into the story. So, get streaming and let us know what you think! Where does this one rank for you? Let us know in the poll!





Jersey-based artist #MichaelDonaghue impressed us this week with his release #Mantis. This piece is full of flavor through its use of ambiance as well as edginess which is used to create an experimental piece that will get you thinking. Both euphoric and chill by nature this track is certainly one to explore this Sunday. I love the darkness within this track! The bells ring in the most simple of ways yet speak a narrative all in themselves. Techno never has been my first choice but #MichaelDonaghue has come in with #Mantis to change that this week!



CAROLEE RAINEY - Serendipity

New York, United States

#CaroleeRainey released #Serendipity at the end of last month. This is a piece that combines indie folk with indie pop and rock to create something hypnotic and catchy. The artist herself states that this track takes inspiration from nature and uses the sun the moon and the rain as vessels to turn weakness into strength. #Serendipity is the first release of her upcoming 10-track album #Synchronicity and I for one cannot wait to hear it! So, make sure that you click that little button below as with all of the artists on this page, and get streaming!



SARVES THIRU - Guru's Greatness: Guru Brahma

Carshalton, United Kingdom

'Gurus Greatness: Guru Brahma' is the debut single from London-based composer #SarvesThiru. The track was released just last Friday and as soon as TJPL News got a listen in we were super excited to feature this one! This track offers something fresh and mindful in the form of a sacred spiritual peace that is suited for spiritual purposes as well as for you relaxation times. #SarvesThiru uses Carnatic music alongside other world music to create what she describes as "devotional songs and mantras". I absolutely love the feel of this piece and look forward to hearing more from this artist!




Nottingham, United Kingdom

Nottingham UK-based artist #RickyJamaraz released his latest track 'CDs! NOODLES!' last Friday - This is one of two songs on a project entitled 'Arrogant CDs'. When telling us about his musical journey the artist himself stated "I write and record all my own original stuff in my bedroom with nothing but 2 guitars a laptop and a smile." This piece certainly transferred this artist's smile onto my own face through the catchy guitar riffs and infectious drums. This peace doesn't necessarily fit the model of Slowdown Sundays but I felt that the way that the music evokes deep thought is one that would fit into the narrative of a Sunday reflective session.



  • THE SULLY BAND - Let's Straighten It Out

  • Pio Hartnett - Broadway

  • KINGA ANGELYS - Second Chances

  • TERRATARA - A Love, Tantalize

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