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SUNDAY SLOWDOWN - 24/04/2022



GmBt Life - His Voice Is Sweet

Le Mans, France

Credit - Marie Monteiro

Indie rock band 'GmBt Life' presents 'His Voice Is Sweet' as the lead track of their debut album. The sweetness of this pure folk song draws its strength from the slowness and the melancholy. The band consists of Aleksi Mäkelä, Timo Zwandun and Nabim Fieev with hearts who all come from different countries, live in diverse regions, and routinely meet to play music. They like to begin with bare melodies and then improvise with various instruments and PCs. That’s the way they make songs or

bits of music that they attempt to record rapidly. The three musicians are fully independent. They do all you can hear or see: they compose, play the music, record it, mix it, they take the pictures, they make the videos as well as the band website >>



Alex Zethson Ensemble - Some Of Them Were Never Unprepared

Stockholm, Sweden

'Some Of Them Were Never Unprepared' is a new work by Swedish pianist/keyboardist and composer Alex Zethson (Angles 9, Yokada, Goran Kajfeš Tropiques, Fire! Orchestra, Sven

Wunder) composed for string ensemble, two grand pianos, three guitars, and percussion, recorded at the legendary Atlantis Metronome

studio in Stockholm. This is a suggestive, quasi-minimalistic, and gameland influenced piece with echoes of krautrock and the music of Tony

Conrad. This project was recorded and mixed by Niclas Lindström. Mastered by Mell Dettmer.

Cover photo by Unknown. Source: Tekniska Museet, Stockholm. Band photos by Hampus Andersson. Cover design by Michell ellipsis. Produced by Alex Zethson. Click the button below for 17 minutes of pure bliss.



Alayisha - Crazy

Brooklyn, New York

Credit - Brittany Duncan

Alayisha is a Brooklyn Based independent artist who produces and records all of her own music in her own home. Her latest track 'Crazy' is about realising that a relationship is no longer where it used to be, and it may never be the same. "I honestly wrote this about a semi friendship breakup I had. I felt like I could never escape from seeing the other person and seeing them doing things and living their life without me, and this song helped me mourn and come to terms that the relationship was over, or at least it could never be the way it uses to be." The song is a mix of singer-songwriter, jazz, and pop which has similarities to artists like Raveena, Tank and The bangs, Arlo Parks, and Kali Uchis. Click the link below to hear it.



Fran Lusty - Kiss Me Sober

London, United Kingdom

Credit - @photopitt_ @bythefreaks

Fran Lusty's new single 'Kiss Me Sober' follows a conversation between two individuals after a night of drinking when doubts come into being about the nature of the relationship. That feeling when, reluctantly, you must break away and let go of their hand to see if they try to hold on. This is a composition with a flair of soft sadness, which is pleasant to listen to on train ride somewhere. Coming in at Number 4 this week, this is a really chilled-out track, so make sure that you get it on your playlists this Sunday!



YUTZI - Give Me The Blame

Baltimore, MD, United States

YUTZI are an emerging Maryland-based rock band. 'Give Me The Blame' is their biggest release yet and marks their evolution into a mainstream, commercial sound. The song, which features 10 different instruments and multiple vocalists, has an accompanying NPR Tiny Desk Contest video which will be released on April 29 (one week after the song’s release). YUTZI believes this song has the potential to be a hit in the genres of indie-rock, indie-folk, folk-rock, soft rock, singer-songwriter rock, and Indie Anthem-Folk, etc. Click the link below to check it out and get it added to your playlists.




Montreal, Canada

Montreal-based Indie rock artist Levi shares his first single "ESSENCE", a song about moving forward and learning from the past. Being a multi-instrumentalist, Levi has performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered this song to offer listeners an original take on self-expression through sound. Levi is an aspiring Alternative/Indie artist and multi-instrumentalist with the goal to convey artistic expression in an original and unique way. He strongly believes in self-expression and discovery through music as well as positively influencing moods through up-beat and high energy production. Check it out!



Forgotten Garden - Jessica (acoustic)

Inverness, United Kingdom

Forgotten Garden is an Indie band (duo+guests) with darkwave tendencies. Their songs are generally sad, dark, and haunting. Vocals are provided by Inês whilst Danny plays most of the instruments. Although primarily an electric band they do sometimes produce acoustic material. They have been described as Lana Del Rey meets The Cure. Jessica (acoustic) is a sad, haunting song in typical Forgotten Garden style. It approaches an unusual topic for a song - one woman's search for inner peace after suffering domestic trauma. It is a purely acoustic track featuring the haunting vocals of Inês, Danny's wistful acoustic guitar and the melancholy violin and cello of the Severnduo.



Camilla Passani - La mia notte

Rome, Italy

Camilla Passani from Rome, Italy has released 'La mia notte'. The band consists of five members - Camilla Passani voice and acoustic guitar, Valerio Troiani acoustic and electric guitar, Fabio Penna Bass, Pierfrancesco Scimemi acoustic guitar, Manuel Moscaritolo drums. Singer-songwriters of pop, rock, and country rock like Alanise Morrisette, Dolly Parton, and similar. The track was recorded at the NMG studio in Rome; the production of the songs starts with Camilla Passani as the author of lyrics and music, the arrangements are always handled by Valerio Troiani. This is a track for your Sunday playlists so make sure you click the link below to hear it!



Markus Murphy - Already Blue

Montréal, Canada

Credit - Nibera

'Already Blue' is a sunny, funk-soul gem made from top-notch ingredients. The recording was live off-the-floor, in the traditional Motown style, with Markus and his band of jazz slayers in Montreal. It features rich arrangements in horns, strings, Latin percussion, Rhodes keys, vocals, and a stone-cold backbeat rhythm section. The song comes across as happy and mellow, but the lyrics belay a pain within, as so many of our favorite soul songs do. The song was mixed and mastered by industry legend Paul Mahern, resulting in top-notch production value. Check it out!



GrooveCru - Vibes Of Her

Kansas City

Credit - GrooveCru LLC

GrooveCru is self-taught in audio production. I mainly use FLStudio 20 but started using more vintage hardware such as the ASR10, Mpc3000, Roland VP-9000, ASR X Pro and others. GrooveCru's love for music started in church when he first heard and saw someone play the drums. After this, he wanted to be a DJ once he saw one of my favorite movies. He started making music when a childhood friend introduced him to Fruit Loops 3 back in 99. Get this added to your playlist this Sunday by clicking the link below!



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