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SUNDAY SLOWDOWN - 29/05/2022



Rosehip - Oxygen

London, United Kingdom

Oxygen by Rosehip opens a cinematic minefield in the mind of the listener. Packed with smooth distorted vocal chops and dream synths, this is an exhilarating electro-funk anthem that is full of raw and compelling emotion. A spoken word addition educates the listener on concepts of fear and anxiety in an attempt to inspire people into living their dreams. 'Origins', acts as a track symbolises conquering an epic challenge in the listener's mind such as metaphorically or physically climbing a mountain.

For Rosehip, Oxygen serves as a reminder that no matter how difficult life gets, it can all be made better with just one deep breath of fresh air. I absolutely love pieces like this one, art that makes you think and reflect is the most beautiful in my opinion. So, I had to get it into Sunday Slowdown this week AND Tamara Jenna's Top Picks. Click the link below to hear 'Oxygen' for yourselves.



Vassilis - All We Have Is Now

Manchester, United Kingdom

Vassilis is back with the track 'All We Have Is Now'. This is a song that speaks of a realisation that everything happens once and all that we really have is now. It addresses the concept that we will never really have the same moment twice and that it's important to just ride over your fears and do the things that your soul longs for, whatever that looks like to you. I love that the words are precise but allow for the perspective of the listener. The instrumentation in this song combines acoustic pop/rock elements with hints of folk music,in its blend of of guitar, piano, flute and ukulele. The piano arrangement allows a foundation for the verses, while establishing the punchy bassline that enhances the execution of the vocals. You can really hear the emotion and meaning from the artist in this piece. This is a chilled-out relaxing piece that allows for you to sit with your feelings for a minute, especially on an easy Sunday. I loved this one. Make sure that you click the link below and get listening!



HOL - 333

Blackpool, United Kingdom

HOL is back with a beautiful track called '333'. The song title takes inspiration from the belief that the number 333 is an angel number. For those of you who aren't familiar with the concept, Angel numbers are a sequence of numbers that have specific divine message behind them and the number 333 symbolises love, life and protection. This number also portrays mind, body and spirit the significance of which is that the number reflects on the alignment of these three things. The track addresses the perspective of a teenager figuring out their mistakes and who they are. I love the concept behind the track and the feel of it and so adding it to Slowdown Sunday was a must! It has also made Tamara Jenna's Top Picks. Make sure that you also get listening, it's a beautiful piece.



Yardlander - Grow/Change

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Georgia Koronka

Yardlander, is a 4-piece London rock band.

Grow/Change is the first of a set of songs that were recorded and produced by the band themselves. The song is about the process of beginning again from rock bottom, and understanding what needs to be left behind to move on - "I will grow and I will change, but not in this place". I was instantly moved by this track, sometimes music just hits you, and this was one of those tracks. You can feel the pain in the lyrics, in their voices, and in their art as a whole. The way that the piece progresses offers something deeply uplifting. I really connected with this one and so I decided to add it to my personal playlist - Tamara Jenna's Top Picks. Definitely check them out by clicking the link below.



Cris Cap, Tyla Raé- Like a Rose (Acoustic Version)

Duesseldorf, Germany

Credit - Evie Shaffer and Xheni Cuni

This track spoke to my soul, it completely encapsulated me as an artist and as a listener through its soulful and romantic feel. The vocals are stunning and the lyrics are so full of soul. I love the message behind the piece. The harmonies work really well along with the acoustic warmth that wraps around your soul. This had to take the Number 1 spot this week in our Acoustic, Indie Rock & Guitar Riffs, no questions. The artists' vocals compliment each other so beautifully separately and when fused together. This is a faultless piece of pure beauty. Make sure that you click the link below to hear it. - You can also find it on our TJPLNEWS Playlist as well as Tamara Jenna's Top Picks.



Samtrackz - Samtrackz x Chill

Atlanta, United States

Credit - Kevin Allen

Samtrackz's latest EP entitled 'Samtrackz x Chill' is a 7-track piece of pure solid gold. Opening with 'Got You' gets you bopping in your feels from the get-go. A soulful piece that takes you through a conscious rap flow. Elements of the soul are found in this track to take you deep into your feelings. A beautiful track that is full of feelings that bring old-school Soul and Hip-Hop to the forefront of modern-day artistry. This whole project is perfect for your Sunday chill time so make sure that you give it a spin by clicking the link below!



Fox Evades - Nothing but Our Dreams

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Credit - Charlie Bland Photography

'Nothing but Our Dreams' is a 6 track project by Fox Evades. Closing the project is a track called 'Born to Sleep'. This song is stunning. Acting as a lullaby this production gives the perfect ending to a reflective project. Fox Evades is an artist who not only has a deepness to their artistry but also knows exactly how to bring those feelings to the forefront of artistic expression. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing these 6 tracks. A mindful, well-put-together reflection that everyone can enjoy no matter the mood. This is a 10/10 project. Make sure that you click the link below to hear it for yourselves.



Daniel Bellegarde - Pastourelle

Montréal, Canada

Daniel Bellegarde is a percussionist, composer, and researcher who is fascinated by history. Continuing the work of his Grandfather, Windsor Bellegarde, who wrote a book about the history of Haiti in 1903. Daniel Bellegarde explores the rural ballroom music of Haiti and the French West Indies. Presenting his latest work 'Pastourelle' as a mix of Celtic-Brazilian and Caribbean sound fusion African-European heritage music I was moved by the authenticity of his craft. This is a track that you definitely need to hear!



Vanessa Moussa - Rebound

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Credit - Paige McDonell

Vanessa Moussa is a Sydney-based artist and songwriter who is back with her latest release entitled 'Rebound'. After performing and writing with numerous bands across NSW, performing in festivals such as Bluesfest and Tamworth Music Festival, Vanessa is now bringing her solo project to focus. 'Rebound' is a beautiful acoustic piece that contains the perfect Sunday easy listener. Packed with smooth acoustic guitar, subtle drums and brass instrumentation that accompany the smooth yet sassy vocals get you feeling something. Make sure that you give it a spin by clicking the link below.



Mark Hennen - Mark Solo

New York, United States

Credit - Mark Hennen

'Mark Solo' is the latest release from Mark Hennen, released worldwide to all major streaming services on February 10, 2022. Recorded live at Piano Magic in New York City, the 26-minute piece finds the pianist riding solo and at the top of his game as he serves up a wild set of melodic and rhythmic experimentation. SOLO is a piece of music that is over 26 minutes in length. Opening with what I would best describe as experimental jazz, we hear a mixture of bass, piano synths, and percussions that set the scene of this artist's mind. Click the link below to hear it!



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