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Sunday Slowdown - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?! CHART - 10/07/2022



ANNA LUTHER - Pins And Needles

Richmond, VA, United States

Richmond-based indie-pop artist #AnnaLuther impressed me this week with her release #PinsAndNeedles. This piece has an immediate impact that resonates #DriversLicence #OliviaRodrigo. Everything about this piece is perfect. The instrumental is subtle but effective with hints of cinematics and the vocals are stunning - there isn't a word that I can use to describe this piece other than MASTERPIECE. Hands down my Number 1 this week. This is a piece that will speak to every female on the planet and beyond - I'm looking forward to seeing this track travel! An amazing production, stunning voice, and impactful vocals!



7000apart - No is a Nice Word

Stockholm, Sweden

#7000apart is a regular over at TJPL NEWS. This time we're here to talk about their release entitled #NoisaNiceWord. This track is gorgeously pieced together to create an easy-listening pop production. Gorgeous guitar skills, stunning vocals, and banging harmonies. This is by far my favorite track of theirs! I enjoy the way that the track builds up from a simple acoustic guitar piece into a heavy dark pop production. The lyrics are catchy and the overall production is faultless. Number 2 this week hands down! Get it on your playlists



FRANK JOSHUA - Loneliest Place In The World

London, United Kingdom

Coming in at Number 3 this week is #FrankJoshua with #LonliestPlaceInTheWorld. Jonathan (Nasti) Findlay reviewed another release by #FrankJoshua back in June in our Hip-Hop, Rap & R&B Top 10. We loved #Rain (Azido 88 Remix but now we're here to talk about his previous release because it is one that definitely deserves the light! Opening with an effective classical acoustic piano and a hip-hop drum progression this lofi track has a gorgeous tone vocally and instrumentally. I LOVE the vocals - Reverbed with an indie rock vibe vocals provide a lonely feel both lyrically and sonically that combine with the instrumentation to create something unique! Definitely deserves a high ranking! What do you think? You can vote at the bottom of the page!



ALI NEIL - Place Called Winter

London, United Kingdom

#PlaceCalledWinter by London Based Artist is a track that I selected from his debut EP entitled #LandBeforeUs. His previous work grabbed the attention of Music Week ('Indie folk with an alt county twist') and plays from Lauren Laverne on BBC 6. #PlaceCalledWinter really captured my attention through its alternative twists and turns - The piece has a dark feel, but it's equally a calm one. #APlaceCalledWinter reminds me of both #SnowPatrol and #LondonGrammar but with harmonies of country origin. This piece really got me listening and I was hung on every second of it!



AL MUR - Midnight In Madrid

Greenville, United States

#MidnightInMadrid by Greenville-based artist #ALMUR whisks you out of your surroundings to take you on a romantic stroll around Spain! This piece absent of words speaks volumes. The piece opens with dreamy yet slightly haunting dream pop synths and the crackles of white noise before developing the feel of synths further. In this lofi piece there is so much going on at once but that's the beauty of the piece! There's an upbeat hussle of nightlife, the sounds of romantic strolls, and the calmness between them. This is a gorgeous instrumental that paints the perfect picture of Madrid in the nighttime! Love it!




Verona, Italy

#LorenzoGabanizza released his latest song entitled #IGuessIAmTheOnlyOne TODAY! Fresh off the press, this track sees #LorenzoGabanizza collaborate for the second time with multi-platinum artist, #JeffChristie. I love the dreamy feel in the opening of this piece! The country twang mixed with a rock/pop feel works really well to capture the listeners' attention. This piece got me bopping this Sunday. It's important to note the sheer amount of musical talent that lies between the manuscript of this production! Including American billboard charter #RustyWright #ChrisLydon #PaulFenton (who's also T-Rex drummer) and #KevMoore. The Mastering of the song was by 63 times Grammy awarded #GregCalbi, who was an engineer for Lennon, Dylan, and Bowie; and #SteveFallone, Grammy award winner for mastering a track by Lady Gaga. This is one hell of a dream team!



THE PRICKLY PAIR - The Long Parade

Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles-based duo #ThePricklyPair (clever name) sent us their track entitled #TheLongParade this week and what a piece it is. Truly taking the Sunday feeling by the balls this Alt-Country/Americana piece takes influence from the country and western to create something jolly and easy to listen to. In classic country and western fashion, this piece holds a perfectly crafted story within its lyrics. This piece comes in strong following on from their debut track #Rosemary - Make sure you have a listen! Whether you're into Americana or not, you'll love the feel of this one!



LEO DOLAN - You're Not Special

Los Angeles, United States

'You're Not Special' is a piece that got me swaying (don't visualise it). This piece was sent to us by Los Angeles-based artist #LeoDolan. Mixing soft rock with indie pop to create a folktronica piece offers something unique and genre-defying. This piece has such a relaxing feel to it - it takes you away from your four walls and into a smooth indie paradise. The piece was mixed by #AndrewLaFlamme and mastered by #AndrewGoldring. Written #LeoDolan during a Zoom psychology class, this piece lyrically delves into the psyche of this artist. Great work!




Edmonton, Canada

Canadian-based artist #CynthiaHamar offers a very unique piece that mixes elements of Alternative Country with deep vocals - almost pop in style. The tone of the piece is truly beautiful. The lyrics tell a story of being broken and feeling shaken that is swirled into the world of dreamy keys, soft percussion, and country twangs. If you're in a reflective mood then this is definitely a piece you may resonate with! I'm looking forward to hearing more from #CynthiaHamar this year in her upcoming fourth album 'Joint & Marrow'. Don't take my word for it, make sure you get listening to our Sunday Slowdown playlist at the bottom of the page and get voting!




Dallas, TX, United States

#MySomeone is the fifth independent release from #PreseleyDuyck. The track was produced by #ChrisGarcia with guitarist #NickLashley. The inspiration behind the piece came into play when #PresleyDuyck heard stories that addressed loved ones going off to war in 2021. This piece sweeps listeners away with pop/country acoustic guitar before developing dramatically into a whirlwind of an acoustic piano and marching drums. The harmonies are stunning and the vocal tone is amazing. I definitely enjoyed listening to this! The baseline that is the vocals tells a story very close to the hearts of many. There are so many twists and turns in this piece that make their way in ease!



  • ANNA LUTHER - Pins And Needles

  • 7000apart - No is a Nice Word

  • FRANK JOSHUA - Loneliest Place In The World

  • ALI NEIL - Place Called Winter

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