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Updated: Jul 11, 2022



MAYA SALAFIA - "Everlasting"

Boston, MA, United States

Boston Based indie pop artist #MayaSalafia impressed us this week with her smooth release #Everlasting. This piece can be defined in one single word - STUNNING. The simplicity of the guitar provides a bed for the vocals to find comfort in. As the vocals enter, we hear the clearest and most moving of tones from #MayaSalafia. The lyrics are just as brilliant as the production. This is a great piece that starts small and grows across the production. This is a brilliant production from start to finish that showcases the most skilful of songwriting and production.



GEENA GANGI - The Nice Guy

Boston, United States

#TheNiceGuy is the first solo release from #GeenaGangi since she moved to Los Angeles. #TheNiceGuy sees #GeenaGangi bounce back with her rebrand into a land of sassiness and lightheartedness. Although the track touches on darker parts of her life, this track certainly won't cause you to sink into the darkness! In fact, it will do the exact opposite! #TheNiceGuy is an upbeat and super catchy pop-rock track that will get you rocking out and singing along 100%. This is one of my favorite submissions this week. So, get listening, what are you waiting for?



MISS ELM - Space Dust

Brisbane, Australia

Miss Elm has come in to take the show this week. #SpaceDust is a track that you won't forget due to the way that it swoops elements of jazz and groove to create a lo-fi pop production. This track is one of my favorites this week due to the pure freedom that I associate with it. The vocals are an alternative take on soul with a hint of Jazz, the bass brings something groovy to the production, and the keys, well, they're meant for a jazz bar for sure. I love the way that this whole track infuses so many influences so effortlessly and light.




Birmingham, United Kingdom

Birmingham UK's very own #KwasiManni released #MyOnlyOne on July 1st and I LOVE IT! This reggae piece brings some great afrobeat and brass instrumentation into the mix - The lyrics are beautiful and catchy. This is certainly a piece that will get you swaying this Sunday and every other day of the week too! Whether you're relaxing, jamming, going on a walk, or even cleaning this Sunday, this is a piece that you need on your playlists! I'm looking forward to seeing what #KwasiManni brings to us next! Click the link above to have a listen!



DEZ ROCKSTEADY - You Don't Need Much

Leeds, United Kingdom

Leeds-based artist #DezRockstrady released his latest track 'You Don't Need Much (To Do A Lot) just a few days ago. This loose laid back piece is a great one. Clearly mixed vocals and guitar make the track stand out clearly to listeners. I love the narrative behind the piece. It's a relatable piece that isn't too serious in its production. This is a quirky rock/pop acoustic that is super super catchy! You'll definitely feel this piece and it won't take much for you to remember the words and to get you singing along so click the link above and have a listen for yourselves!



JAMES ALYNES - Pistes (Toi Et Moi)

Montreal - Yellowknife, Canada

James Alynes released his latest track #Pistes (Toi et Moi) last month. This track mixes Alternative R&B with Rock and Pop to create a nostalgic piece. The track begins with haunting cinematic and white noise samples before introducing heavily reverbed synths - R&B in style. The piece merges sprinkles of dark pop with dark alternative R&B to take you into a world of dreams and nightmares collectively. The lyrics are sung in French - and although I don't understand the language I sure as hell can feel it. I can't wait to hear more from #JamesAlynes.



7000APART - Blank Check

Stockholm, Sweden

7000apart are no stranger to us over at TJPL NEWS. We ranked this duo at Number 9 in our Dance & Pop chart back in June. The duo is now back on our radar with their track #BlankCheck. This alternative pop track offers the perfect relaxation for your Sunday playlists. This track has a great piano progression that catches the audience immediately. A soft click offers something for the listener to follow. The vocals and the lyrics are strong. I love this piece, it's simple yet effective. This would make a great piece for your downtime playlists but would equally fit into your general pop playlists too!



FAAE - summer song

Orlando, United States

Faae released her latest single #summersong just yesterday and what a piece it is. The song has a dreamy pop feel through a space-filled acoustic guitar production. The guitar strums and picks offer a sense of home to the listener. The vocals are great, clear, and angelic. I think that this artist has a great journey ahead of her. The mixing of the guitar elements could benefit from being slightly cleaner but overall this is a lovely piece that addresses uncertainty with a relaxing yet sense of distortion found within the production.




London, United Kingdom

Hay Luz by #Departure is a whole universe of sound morphed into one near 5-minute piece. From Jazz to Folk and even the super edgy this track makes the perfect addition to your studying sessions or relaxation moments. In this piece, the London-based producer takes you on a journey through the world starting with folk-influenced guitar plucks and then through to the Mediterranean before whisking you into the avant-garde through electronic experimentalism. This is a highly downtempo, cinematic piece that will whisk you around the globe in no time. I highly recommend giving this a spin and getting it added to your downtime playlists.



ALEX KATE - One Plus One

Norwich, United Kingdom

This piece is a little upbeat for a relaxation playlist but it is one for easy listening. This track has a catchy guitar riff with subtle drums to lift you into the soft rock/rock-pop universe of #AlexKate. The lyrics are well written, the vocals lean towards country-pop. The hook is super catchy and I think that this track would make a good addition to a variety of your playlists so get listening and see where you want to place it!






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