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Swiss-based band #StayIllusion not only combines but PERFECTS the fusion of heavy rock and pop




Bern, Switzerland

Credit - Marcel Jordi




#StayIllusions released their second EP #PlayPretend on 17th June and YESSSSS! What a project this is. The EP was written and recorded in Thun, Switzerland with producer Florian Fettke (The Two Romans). It was mixed and mastered in Australia by ARIA award-winning and Grammy-nominated producer Adrian Breakspear. The five-track EP opens with a track entitled #circles a piece that really sets you up for high energy. #circles is a song that combines heavy rock, classical, and pop through heavy guitar, orchestral violins, and heavy drum progressions. The lyrics are something that you easily remember and find yourself singing along to. Effects on these vocals and certain parts of the track highlight the pop/EDM influence. This track is definitely one for you if you like heavy pop/rock. #lookatmenow continues the heaviness through the use of distortion but wow this track is meant for TV, Cinema, and Advertisements - Its heaviness leans more towards dark/alternative pop than heavy rock here. #waves is a classic EDM piece. Layered vocals, a simple keys chord structure, and reverb completely change the narrative of the overall project. The switch from heavy distorted guitar and drums to a reverbed and lower velocity creates something very much based on pop music. The vocals are also softer. Is there anything this group cannot do? Oh, and did I forget to mention that the music video for #waves was aired on Swiss television? Well, now you know! #fixyou brings soulful vocal chops and samples into the mix, along with a heavy reliance on electronic samples in contrast to the opening track. This is a radio-ready production - I can hear exactly why #StayIlusions have secured over 48,000 streams on a previous release. #original does a full circle back to the opening track! This is a great move. Although the track isn't as heavy as the opener, this one definitely has those elements in a creative swirl of heavy rock and pop. Honestly, I haven't heard a band like #StayIllusion before - the heaviness of this track isn't overbearing or messy, it absolutely works. The lyrics of the piece very much state originality both in words and production! #StayIllusion is a band that doesn't just mix genres for the sake of it, they have perfected their sound, making the bridge between heavy rock and pop very much a success! There isn't a single song on this project that I dislike or think could benefit from any suggestions. I think industry professionals think the same seeing as singles from this EP have been played on over 30 Swiss and international radio stations. Honestly, there is so much to this band. From the insecure to the confident, heavy to stripped back, this project has it all and I want to hear MORE PLEASE! 10/10!



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