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Keep It Simple

Reykjavik, Iceland

Credit - TAB

TAB are the progressive pop band you need to listen to. Their single, ‘Keep It Simple’ is a dramatic blend of synth, rock, pop and dance music that jumps and bounces as it goes. TAB have outdone themselves, ‘Keep It Simple’ does exactly that, pulling us back to the roots of the synth-pop genre and reminding us why it's so intoxicating. Pulsing bass, drums that splash and smash and a vocal that is powerful and melodic. There is nothing to dislike here, so jump in because ‘Keep It Simple’ is a song you’ll want in your collection.

The song opens up fast with those smooth vocals that feel modern and confident. The guitar in the back separates TAB from other bands in their genre, adding an organic section ties the whole sound uptight, allowing for the beat to push even harder. The percussion begins building, that’s why we’re all here after all, and what a build it is. It starts in the verse and grows like a wave until it hits that tremendous chorus that blows the funky sway off the scale. The vocals harmonise which further inflates the sound of the track, it grows and grows and then comes to a dark, gritty end.

‘Keep It Simple’ went onto my night driving playlist without a moment of thought, and it should be on yours too.- FREDDIE MCKEE


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