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Toy Soldier

Toronto, Canada

Tabuu is a Rapper/Artist hailing from Toronto, Canada. 24-year-old multi-talent released his first single of 2021 with international-record producer David Sinclair-Black in attempt to showcase his distinctive artistry.

Taking influence from the likes of Kendrick, Eminem and Kanye West, Tabuu’s latest release ‘Toy Soldier’ is about the rat race of life. Addressing how most people live their life like soldiers in a war whilst trying to survive. Discussing his reality and that of many others, Tubuu’s lyrics aim to highlight that the average citizen has to work a 9-5 job, and to live above average you have to work from 9AM-5PM, then 5PM-9PM. Or 5PM-10PM, or 5PM-11PM etc.

‘Toy Soldier’ hits with full force trap soul lo-fi vocal chops, subtle trap percussion and 808s that hold enough bass without overpowering. This is a rap/trap Hip-Hop release that feels different due to its soulful instrumental and meaningful lyrics. The flow mixes up throughout several instalments, making this a song that you really should listen to again and again.

Trap Soul all the way! This is a hit. Get familiar with Tabuu by checking out the link below, it's a calling.



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