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TAHJAE - Rules



Florida, United States

Tahjae dropped a new single and it’s as smooth and stylish as they come. ‘Rules’ is a hip-hop rap track through and through. It plays with deep bass that pairs with high keys to create a vast space for the vocal to perform in. It's like a concert hall, filled to the brim with the lyrical stylings and rhythmic skill of Tahjae, it's open, quick and cool as all heck. When the chorus slides in and the hook starts to sink in its teeth you know you’re not getting away scot-free. That melody sticks with you and ingrains itself on your skin. You’ll carry it from here to the next place and it will make you stronger along the way.

Thick, eclectic but deceptively simple, ‘Rules’ from Tahjae is a hip-hop single you want to mess with. If you’re in the market for smooth sounds that party with a vocal that won’t back down. Then you’ve found your mark. Brilliant.



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