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Tarita's 'Summer Fling': A Nostalgic Ode to Transient Romances Unfolds After 18 Years

Chennai-based singer-songwriter Tarita finally releases 'Summer Fling,' a track filled with laid-back melodies and nostalgia, perfect for reminiscing or creating new summer memories.

After an 18-year hiatus, Tarita reemerges onto the music scene with "Summer Fling". This track elegantly unravels the ephemeral nature of holiday romances - (We've all had them at least once...right?). Its laid-back melody combined with the carefully crafted heartfelt lyrics offers up a soothing reflection on the mind and heart's desire for more time with someone who marks a special chapter in our lives. (I thought of someone, did you?).

Recorded live in Poland, where Tarita's musical odyssey flourished for eight years, "Summer Fling" is steeped in authenticity and nostalgia. And, it is here where the collaborative efforts of Marcin Bukowski, Marcin Julius, and Carlos Bautista lend their expertise to the track to create its raw, unfiltered quality. Reminiscent of live stage performances, this release holds onto the power of raw and authentic performances.

"Summer Fling" reminds us of the beauty that is found in moments of transit, the unexpected joy of rain on a sunny day. It's a musical embrace for all who have ever longed to extend a fleeting summer romance, captured by the essence of those carefree days we sometimes long for most.

Tarita's musical influences are diverse spanning the genres and eras of many gone before us.. from Radiohead to The Beatles, and from David Bowie to Portishead. This eclectic mix shapes influence, mirroring the complexities and nuances of life itself.

As Tarita steps back into the spotlight, "Summer Fling" has the ability to lure listeners into a world where summer loves are immortalised via song, whilst conjuring the memories of the warm, fleeting encounters that linger on. In other words, this is a time portal back to a place where love felt great!

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare to be transported by the soothing tones and nostalgic vibe of "Summer Fling" as we look ahead to creating new memories, let "Summer Fling" be the anthem of our summertime dreams and reminiscences.

We all love a bit of love! So go check it out.

Genre: Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, Blues, Folk Pop, Soft Rock, Contemporary Pop

Mood: Nostalgic, Relaxing, Romantic, Uplifting, Carefree

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