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TEARS APART present LOVE in their latest album




Turku, Finland

Credit - Arto Arvilahti





#SeaofSin sets the tone beautifully through catchy guitar riffs, a steady drum progression, and an accompanying bass. The vocals are layered with varying pitches and levels to create a really smooth feel. #Pain brings the steadiness of the drums to the forefront of the mix along with the country twangs of the guitar. Swirling vocals fill the gaps between the lead to give the track a wispy feel. As the track goes along we hear a combination of the main vocals and those swirling backings jointly fill the space. #WannaStay speeds the tempo of the album by offering funky percussions, guitar strums, and basslines. This track has an easy-going feel and would go well on your chill time playlists for long journeys. Three tracks into this project I believe that #TearsApart has a lot more to showcase here. Already showcasing country and funk elements I think that #TearsApart have an ecletic approach to their artistry. #Perfect talks a step into folk. Again, those swirling backing vocals make an appearance here - accompanied by relaxing percussion and soft acoustic guitar strums. #Lost takes a step into electro! I knew that this band would have more to showcase! Call it intuition. Futuristic synths with an atmospheric feel offer a sense of experimentalism before the soft rock is introduced. #Alive revisits electro and gives a completely different vibe! The vocals sound absolutely nothing like the vocals found in the previous tracks. You wouldn't even know that it was the same vocalist! THIS is art! #Alive steers into a world of soft rock, pop, and experimentalism to create something fresh to the ears of the listeners! Love this very different side to #TearsApart. #Stronger delves even deeper into experimental electro in a dark alternative pop piece. Again, the vocals are different, showcasing their versatility. #Rose instantly took the top spot for me! I'm a sucker for funk - This is a track with an old-school vibe that reminds me of The B-52's track #LoveShack with a hint of Prince. Again, #TearsApart introduces something fresh. The guitar solo sparks all sorts of feelings and the overall funkiness of the track spacks of the 80s. #Storm offers a mix of a multitude of genres with indie-rock guitar and percussion to an 80s Maddona-sounding vocal performance this track is for everyone! The easygoingness of #TearsApart is curiously contagious. #SoBeautiful concludes the album with a hint of country. Acoustic guitar layering and vocals open the track before introducing smooth layered vocals that almost roam into R&B in the chorus. #TearsApart is a group that needs to be heard so get clicking on that little button below and get listening!



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