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Bring some jazz into your festive celebrations this year with ‘Sleigh Ride’, the latest single from The Frank Hailey - Eric Zukoski Trio. Jazz at its finest melds with one of the classic tunes of the season to provide a fresh and suave new angle on a family favourite. The playing here is sublime. Bass and piano work together in a beautiful medley as the percussion splashes and smacks the beat back and forth, keeping the jest on its toes. It's tight, fun and festive without feeling overdone.

Tired of the same old songs but love the tradition of them? Hook up ‘Sleigh Ride’ and you’re off, a chill tune with lots to offer. - FREDDIE MCKEE

The song starts and grabs your ear, the tune is familiar but wearing a fresh new suit, it's a tux and it's luxurious. The song plays out the beats, adding frills and trills, beat stops and thrills to the track to keep the melody interesting. I'm sure there’ll be family singing along over the top of this jazz beat on the big day, and the fun doesn’t stop here. The Frank Hailey - Eric Zukoski Trio nailed this single and provided the world with a miracle in the shape of an entire holiday album, ‘Jingle’. If you loved ‘Sleigh Ride’ as much as I did then you’ll want to dive even deeper into this new-found Jazz Grotto, it’ll spice up the holidays for years to come.


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