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The Mars McClanes' "December Songs": An Indie-Rock Journey Through Holiday Melancholy

Cover of The Mars McClanes' "December Songs"
Cover of The Mars McClanes' "December Songs"

As the holiday season approaches with its usual barrage of fast-paced Christmas songs, The Mars McClanes offer a refreshing alternative with their single, "December Songs". This contemplative journey reminds us that the holiday spirit isn't always about unbridled joy.

Inspired by their acoustic roots and a touch of the Grinch’s philosophy, the Portland-based band, originally from Dallas, weaves indie-rock and alt-country sounds. Stripped back to the core of Acoustic, the song feels homely, adding some much-needed warmth to the season.

Cover of The Mars McClanes' "December Songs"
Cover of The Mars McClanes' "December Songs"

Although the composition feels upbeat and warm, behind the lyrics rests a sense of uneasy sadness and melancholy. It's important to remember that Christmas is a lonely time of year, harder for some and full of stress for most. "December Songs" captures the juxtaposed essence of the season perfectly whilst keeping to their signature sound.

"December Songs" speaks to those who find themselves on the outside of the holiday cheer, offering a soundtrack that acknowledges the complicated emotions the season can evoke.

Putting the lyrics aside, the composition itself is full of soft rock acoustics. From the Country strums to folk picking, there's something for every type of acoustic rock fan. There's a slow drumming which carries you through in between the hands of guitar strums, and there's the warm saturated tone of the vocals.

If you're someone who ponders a lot over the Christmas season, reflecting, reliving moments and going through phases, "December Songs" by The Mars McClanes has everything you need in a holiday rejection hit and more (it's kinda relaxing and spirited too though so beware, your heart may grow two sizes bigger this year).

So, give it a spin and see what you think? Humbug or Eggnog? Naughty or nice? Sugar or spice? Everything nice?

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