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Some Of The Time

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Now, it’s always a pleasure hearing about an artist or group's progress over the years. In today’s climate, it’s a long shot to stay in the game consistently. ‘The Official 4PM’, an acronym – For Positive Music has released their latest single entitled ‘Some Of The Time’. Before I explore this release I want to highlight some of their amazing achievements to date! Multiple Billboard Chart placements, from #8 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 with their debut single "Sukiyaki" in 1995 to peaking at #67 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip Hop singles chart with their single ‘I Gave You Everything’.

Somewhere in between the sands of time, the journey of the group changed, but as the universe intended, they are back with a bang! When I say that this group stands out to me, I mean 5D astral projection soulful movements!

Soulful lead vocals sit nicely on top of luscious old-school 90s Soul-infused backing harmonies. Think - Boyz II Men, Soul for Real, Jodeci. Damn – I’m so glad that I came across this group – I have no idea how I missed them but you won’t make that mistake will you?

Click here to hear it and to get a little more familiar with the band, there’s a lot of history on their official website that will unravel a who load of history for you!

There’s no doubt about it, this song has to make Centre Stage and our Ones2Watch! – Thank me later. – TAMARA JENNA


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